Saturday, August 22, 2009

Organic Oreos! Cookies n Cream Cupcakes

Organic Oreo Cookies n Cream
(Newman O's in white cake and buttercream frosting)

My bf loves Oreo cookies! I think it's probably his favorite cookie, although chocolate chip seems to be pretty high up there as well. So I wanted to make him a hunky mini munky cupcake à la Oreo. Using Newman's Organic O's of course.
I crushed up some of the cookies, and put it in the white cake batter I made, then folded it into the batter. That was pretty much it. Simple!

I found that baking at 325 degrees, rather than 350 degrees, tends to retain a bit more moisture. Undercooking just a tad is also a good thing, than of course, over cooking. These Organic O's are so tempting, I don't think most can resist. He said it came out deliciously moist, I think that was the tad-bit under cooking technique. Yummers!

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