Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cupcakes for XSEED

I made cupcakes for an XSEED event on Thursday night. Here's AJ Glasser (Amanda) from Kotaku, and her plate of food... she skipped the savories and went straight for 4 mini cupcakes (1 of each flavor) upon arrival! Who needs dinner anyways?

The event was so much fun! Here are some of the cupcakes prior to leaving the house...

Organic O's Cookies n Cream -- Fast becoming Kjell's favorite.

Sweet Jasmine Meets Mango

The kitchen was covered with cupcakes everywhere! Devil's Mint Chip, Ice Baby Vanilla, Organic O's Cookies n Cream, Sweet Jasmine Meets Mango... I also made a few extras... Orange You Guavaliscious? (because you are), and Orange Chocolate Zing! Wheehee... so much fun!

140 cupcakes were made for the XSEED event.

Devil's Mint Chip with fresh mint frosting

Zoom-in on Amanda Glasser's plate of food :)

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