Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oreo Sandwich Frosting-less cupcakes, and Quad-layered Pumpkin Pie!

Oreos are so yummmm... make it fun with an Oreo sandwich cupcake. Or, get festive with a quad-layered pumkin pie cupcake (topped with a mini star shaped pie crust).

Oreo Sandwich Cupcakes:

Oreo Sandwich cupcakes -- minus the frosting for a (somewhat) lower fat cupcake (no, not really)! Just gently break apart the top and bottom of an oreo cookie, place the bottom one in the cupcake liner with cream side up.

Then fill with chocolate or white cake cupcake batter (or whatever flavor you like), and top with the other piece of oreo cookie (creme side down). Bake as you normally would (350 degrees, for about 15-18 minutes, until inserted toothpick comes out clean).

Alternatively, you could also hold off on baking the top Oreo, and actually frost your cupcakes once they're cooled. Then place the other Oreo half, creme-side down, onto the frosting. Cute!

Pumpin Pie Stars:

See my Pumpkin Pie Poppers recipe for the basic quad-layered cupcake, and do the following:
- Roll out pie crust dough. Or, using the uncooked/remaining portions of the pie crust dough for the bottom of the cupcake...
- Take a small star cookie/stencil cutter, and cut out 2-3 dozen stars from the uncooked pie crust dough.
- Place stars on an sheet of aluminum foil, and bake in oven -- 350 degrees, 6-8 minutes (until slightly golden brown). Remove and let cool.
- Once cooled, place stars on top of cupcakes to decorate.

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