Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rolando Cupcakes!

I've been wanting to make Rolando cupcakes for a while now, I mean, how perfect a shape for cupcakes! So Mary Jane at ngmoco got really excited about the idea, and commissioned me for a batch of 40 Rolando cupcakes, delivered yesterday!

And in the end, MJ and B-money made a Rolando cupcake video starring Pirate and Spikey Rolando... YAAR! Check it out!

These are my first video game cupcakes. They took a bit of time, but they were certainly a lot of fun to make and a little love was sprinkled in each one!

Photos below...!

Color the fondant, mix it in good, then cut out different Rolando shapes - blue spikey one and leafy one :)

Glue all their little eyeballs, smileys, eyebrows, and accessories with some buttercream.

Rolando family...

Two boxes of big and small Rolandos.

In the future, I now have a better idea of how much timing goes into mixing colors, cutting shapes, glueing it all together, cleaning up and detailing!

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